27th June and 28th June 2015, Mumbai, India

iDiscover is a curated day long event of confounding speakers, engaging interactions, performances by prodigious brains, training and unique experiences that will aim at contriving a relationship and platform to explore and expand the memorization power and speed calculations ability. iDiscover’s premier event features extraordinary presenters sharing stories and mind-boggling ideas by imparting the basic training of what they are masters of.


Bringing the two on a collective platform, the participants get a firsthand know how about the power of their brains from mind-bending speakers who share their knowledge and achievements in comprehending the human potential through stories, research and insight.


These engaging interactions and talks initiate participants into pushing their own boundaries and opening their mind to novel techniques for processing information within short period of time.  The speakers would showcase their performances leaving you flabbergasted whilst sharing personal victories in mastering their own mind.


iDiscover is an initiative of a team of passionate thinkers, who work to bring out the genius within you!


Nelson is one of the leading memory experts in the world, traveling around the world as a Memory Consultant and Keynote Speaker. A three-time USA Memory Champion, mountaineer, and Alzheimer's disease activist, he preaches a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement.


Born with an average memory, Nelson was inspired by the passing of his grandmother from Alzheimer's disease in 2009 to start training his memory so that he could keep his mind strong and healthy throughout his lifespan. In a short period of time, he transformed into one of the leading memorizers in the world, claiming two U.S. titles along the way, as well as two U.S. memory records for:


1. Memorizing the most digits in 5 minutes: 310 digits.

2. Memorizing a deck of cards in the fastest time: 40.65 seconds in international competition.

3. Memorizing the most Names in 15 minutes: 193 names.


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Nelson is the Founder & CEO of Climb For Memory, a non-profit charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease research through mountain climbs all around the world. Nelson has climbed numerous peaks for this cause, including twice on Mt. Everest.


A graduate and part-time professor from the University of Miami in Physics and Computer Science, Nelson strives to teach the world how to memorize properly and how people can use more of their brains to become better and healthier versions of themselves.


He has been featured on The TODAY Show,, The Dr. Oz Show, The Science Channel, and National Geographic Magazine, among many other media outlets.


Originally born in Wimbledon, UK, Nelson was brought up between Miami, London, and Paris and graduated high school from Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, FL.

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CNN - Memory Champ

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WWL TV - Nelson Dellis



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“Experts are made, not born."


This is the conclusion that neuroscientists at the University of Sussex came to after studying the brain of Yusnier Viera.

Cuban-American mental calculator, Viera is known as ‘The Human Calendar’. This graduate from the University of Havana hold the Guinness World Record on calendar dates. He holds three world records for calendar calculations. He can name the days of the week for any dates of the past 400 years or given future years, giving his answer in less than a second.


He finished in fourth places at the Mental Calculation World Cup in 2006 and won the calendar category four years later, in 2010.


Yusnier has honed his ability to create short cuts to his answers by storing information in the middle part of the brain specialized for long-term working memory that helps him carry out tasks with speed and efficiency.


He teaches the system with which he makes such quick calculations and has written books as well. Recently, he published Basic Course of Mental Arithmetic and Master the Multiplication Tables.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL - Superhuman Showdown

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL - "SuperCerebros La Final" - Yusnier (Cuba)

MEGA TV - Latin America


DISCOVERY CHANNEL - Superhuman Showdown 2



Viera has appeared in prestigious TV channels like CNN & ABC and has starred on the international Discovery Channel Series "Superhuman Showdown". In early 2014, he was featured in the Latin American show "Super Cerebros", of NatGeo.


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